Reformed highwayman, now majordomo of the Chapterhouse


PID: 6574.2


Endurance 1
Hero points 1
Hero points 2
Cleaving Strike
Stay With Me

Resource: Mana Site (level 1)


Demas, father’s name unknown, first encountered the Raven’s Watch as an ill-chosen target on the road from Sanctuary Sands. A young life of petty crime in that town had graduated to outright highwaymanry, a profession at which Demas was not entirely incompetent – but a Chapter caravan with a high proportion of winter mages is not a fantastic opportunity at the best of times, and only desperation persuaded him to make that error.
Disarmed, paralysed and at staffpoint, he could have expected his next stop to be at the feet of a magistrate, but certain voices in the Chapter argued for giving him a chance to make amends.
Demas didn’t waste the opportunity – fifteen years on he is majordomo of the Chapter and a common sight in the Anvil delegation.

What are your character’s main goals?
Demas’ primary focus is, and will always be, the well-being of the Chapter. Maintaining and defending the Chapter and its Anvil delegation are his raison d’etre. This applies in the day-to-day of Chapter life, in conflict or sorties, and in reputation; he leaves the magical and spiritual sides of that to those better prepared.

What historical event is most important to your character?
Not a question Demas is well equipped to answer. While not a stupid nor unlettered man, most academic subjects have not been within Demas’ sphere of relevance or interest for most of his life. More recently he has begun to learn, but practicality has demanded he focus first on the subjects which most benefit the proper running of a largeish household.

What role does the Way of Virtue play in your life?
Demas is aware to this day that his life and lifestyle are owed to the Virtuous nature of those who would have been well within their rights to kill him out of hand. In particular, the Loyalty of his Chapter to him, of the Banner he fights with to each other, and of the other Chapters of Highguard to their fellow Highborn have all had impact on his recent years.
As such he strives to ensure that he repays the Way in kind by holding to Virtue when he can – although he remains more sardonic on the topic than most of Haighguard is wont to be – and by demonstrating Loyalty in turn to Chapter, Banner, Nation and Empire.
Demas is currently undergoing a challenge from the Cardinal of Loyalty to identify and raise up three figures to whom he feels he owes particular Loyalty, as a demonstration of his desire to be dedicated to that Virtue.


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