Winter ritualist, priest of The Way and current exarch


PID: 6375.2


Winter Lore 3

Resource: Congregation (level 2)

Mastered Rituals

Clarion Call of Ivory and Dust
Winter realm (magnitude 20)
Conjures unliving winter troops to greatly enhance the rank of a military unit.

Fight Tooth and Nail
Winter realm (magnitude 20)
Grants two uses of unstoppable each day for a season.

Ruthless growth of healthy crop
Winter realm (magnitude 8)
Boosts a herb garden to give 2 extra of each crop.

Sorins Rite of Agony
Winter realm (magnitude 24)
Grants 1 rank of winter lore for a season at the cost of an unhealing wound.

Traitor’s Fate
Winter realm (magnitude 8)
Agree to let someone trigger a dangerous curse if they betray you.

Wisdom of the Balanced Blade
Winter realm (magnitude 6)
Analyses a curse.


Note: Goals and background may deviate from original design.

Current main goal: Become Cardinal of The Way

Oreb, son of Zeev, was raised in High chalcis before it fell. As a draughir he was distrusted, but never really let it bother him. He spent many of his days studying the local wolf packs as he found their loyalty pragmatic and fascinating. He discovered a mana site and with that source of power he began studying winter magic, given his natural affinity for winter. When Reikos fell, he lost his family and fled. When he arrived in Necropolis he used it as an opportunity to start an entirely new life. There was more scope for study of winter magic here amongst the dead and there’s no value in pining over a lost territory. He has grown fascinated by the winter eternals, which may not be the best thing for him.

What are your character’s main goals?
Research new winter rituals that are more compatible with virtue. Currently investigating an alternative to quicken the cold meat.

What historical event is most important to your character?
When the then emperor Nicovar burned down the libraries. This removed a great deal of useful knowledge from the Empire, perhaps including important magical information that might help give an edge over the eternals. The devil is in the detail and it frustrates Oreb when such details are lost without pragmatic reasoning.

What role does the Way of Virtue play in your life?
Virtue is a fascinating concept and very practical. It is very close to Oreb’s heart, because it is a sensible and simple framework to work with. The Empire is important and Virtue protects the Empire.


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