PID: 6575.2


Extra Mana
Battle Mage
Winter Lore (2)

Resource: Mana Site (Lvl 1)


Mastered Rituals

Clarion Call of Ivory and Dust
Winter realm (magnitude 20)
Conjures unliving winter troops to greatly enhance the rank of a military unit.

Fight Tooth and Nail
Winter realm (magnitude 20)
Grants two uses of unstoppable each day for a season.

Quickening Cold Meat
Winter realm (magnitude 150)
Creates a force of animated corpses that enhance a campaign army by around 20%.

Sorins Rite of Agony
Winter realm (magnitude 24)
Grants 1 rank of winter lore for a season at the cost of an unhealing wound.


Bio: (under construction)

Current main goal:
To complete the Pride of Holberg art commission.

What are your character’s main goals?
To support the ambitions of the banner and coven, to increase our magical and political strength, to further the use and application of winter magic. To explore art and music in cultural terms and as relates to magic.

What role does the Way of Virtue play in your life?
Loyalty: My life and its works for my chapter, my people, my empire.

Prosperity: So that all may prosper.

Ambition: So that my efforts can uplift the worthy.

Pride: So that I am worthy of uplifting.

Vigilance: So that those that stand against us will not escape my hand.

Wisdom: So that I may learn, evolve, grow, and hone myself into an exacting, subtle and terrible implement on behalf of my people.

Courage: So that I might face strife, danger, and change with a glad and stalwart heart.


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