Current Senator for Necropolis


CID: 6617.2
Archetype: Exarch
Lineage: Human
Virtue: Ambition
Banner: The Raven’s Watch
Coven: Blackened Wings
Sect: N/A
Order: Sevenfold Path
Territory: Necropolis
Resource: Congregation

Winter Lore (2)
Dedication (Ambition)

Mastered Rituals:
Clarion Call of Ivory and Dust
Winter realm (magnitude 20)
Conjures unliving winter troops to greatly enhance the rank of a military unit.

Fight Tooth and Nail
Winter realm (magnitude 20)
Grants two uses of unstoppable each day for a season.

Quickening Cold Meat
Winter realm (magnitude 150)
Creates a force of animated corpses that enhance a campaign army by around 20%.

Sorins Rite of Agony
Winter realm (magnitude 24)
Grants 1 rank of winter lore for a season at the cost of an unhealing wound.


Note: The background here is one that I originally submitted. I will probably amend this soon(ish)

Current main goal: Serve out the first term as Senator for Necropolis without fucking up too much. Longer term: Work on better relationship with the Empress, to remain in a position of influence.

Ianthe, daughter of Zebadiah, grew up in Reikos, helping her father tend to the sick and infirm. Her father gave her her first education in the way, sharing his opinions of the current ruler (Hugh the fat).

Following the invasion of the druj and the death of her father, Ianthe fled Reikos and found a new home and new start in Necropolis.

Although losing Reikos is a sore point to the empire’s pride, there is little point pining for home that have been ravaged by war and one which contains such painful memories.

Establishing herself within her new chapter as a voice that stood for change, she became increasing dissatisfied with the leadership with the grossly incompetent Emperor Walter the Ham-fisted.

Upon the death of the former Exarch she was dedicated to ambition and resolved to lead her chapter out of obscurity and to a position of power.

What are your character’s main goals?
To become a guiding hand for the Empire, leading it back to greatness and virtue.

What historical event is most important to your character?
The rule of Walter the Hamfisted has left the Empire in a disastrous state. Although Empress Britta started to amend this, her overcommitment of forces at Skarsind and her subsequent death has left the Empire in a precarious state. We need a strong leader and a people united in the Way.

What role does the Way of Virtue play in your life?
As a priest of ambition, the Way features heavily in my life. It is by my example that The Raven’s watch will rise. It is also my duty to be vigilant against heresy, even if it comes from within my own chapter. Yes James this means you.


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